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The Tall Man Ghost at Power County Hospital | American Falls | Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts

In the early 1900s German Mennonite settlers moved to Aberdeen and American Falls was their catchment area hospital as it linked to a nearby railway system. Many nurses relocated here from Bethany Deaconess Hospital in Kansas and the (then called) American Falls Hospital opened its doors in 1912. However the Deaconess sisters were recalled back to Kansas so the hospital was given over to Power County Commissioners.

During the early 80s the site was named Harms Memorial in honour of Frank Harms who founded the site and was also Charter President of American Falls Rotary Club and Idaho Medical Association.

The hospital is now known as the Power County Hospital. In 2017 the hospital underwent a $14 million renovation and is iconic in providing quality healthcare within the area.

Night buzzers spontaniously activate unoccupied wards and a full body ghostly apparition of a doctor has been reported by numerous staff. They also describe smelling rich earthy cigar smoke as he passes by!

Also staff claim they frequently see the ghosts of patients who have died there, they are easily recognised seeing as they were nursed here just months earlier!

However the most talked about spirit is 'The Tall Man' a gentleman spirit who is regularly seen watching over staff and patients as if checking all is running smoothly. The apparition has been seen standing at the main entrance monitoring the coming and going of staff and patients. Apparently he likes to make sure everybody is doing their job adequately ! 

If ever you are a patient or visiting a loved one at Power County Hospital be sure to be on your best behaviour as you enter!

You may be being monitored by the spirit of the Tall Man!

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