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The Worlds Most Terrifying Urban Legends | Community | Informational | Discussion | Paranormal | Folklore

Urban legend or facts?

We have all had those campfire moments with friends where we challenge one another to share our scariest ghost stories and folklore favourites.

Most urban legends are just that, folklore. However, there are many who attest that there are sometimes stark realities hiding just behind the myth.

Here are some of the scariest urban legends from around the globe.


Also known as Masters of Camouflage, from Maryland to Maine, these creepy frontiersmen can be found in the deepest parts of the woodlands. If you are hiking along these forest roads and feel as if you see something moving from the corner of your eye, chances are you may have witnessed the Woods People. Standing eerily still, so as no movement is detected and concealed in mud and bark, they are said to hide and silently monitor passers by.

Many believe these forest dwellers to be the stuff of folklore but others believe them to be genuine primitive non verbal yet peaceful human groups who will move on if there is too much human activity.


Also known as 'El Silbon' the Whistler is known to reside in the Venezuelan Llanos Wetland regions and is highly feared by lone travellers. The Whistler carries a large sack filled with the bones of victims who he has strangled and then eaten. He is described as a 7ft tall emaciated skeletal monster who whistles a warning prior to his attack.

Many have encountered this ominous whistling phenomena and duly changed their location proximity so as to avoid confrontation.


This winged beast with glowing red eyes was spotted in the town of Point Pleasant, Virginia, in 1965 on multiple occasions. This entity is said to appear before significant tragic events occur and sightings were reported prior to the collapse of the Silver Bridge and in Manhattan, New York, just before the September 11th catastrophe.


These child entities have been sighted at multiple locations all over Okinawa, Japan, by concerned parents and families alike. Phenomena included reports of children claiming they were visited by a small group of ghost like children who want to join in with playing. It is reported these ghosts are only visible to young children and adults alerted to such scenes, cannot see a thing. This phenomena remains a mystery.


Bloody Mary is believed to be the spirit of woman executed for witchcraft hundreds of years ago. If you stand in front of a mirror in a darkened room and say her name out loud thirteen times it is said her malevolent entity will manifest before your very eyes. Do not take summoning Mary lightly as many claim their lives have taken a severe downward spiral and been cursed after uttering those words. Some have even stated sustaining genuine physical injury such as welts, bites and scratch marks. 


There have been hundreds of reports of an entity known as Clownman, in the tiny town of Swissvale, Pittsburgh. Along a deserted railtrack Clownman is often spotted where he is said to plan sinister child abductions.  Holding a large knife, wearing the typical large baggy trousers and nightmarish clown painted face, whether legend or real, you really don't want to witness Clownman.


H Man is said to stalk hikers and around New York camping sites. One year a boy went missing from his boy scout group. His body was later discovered with a letter H carved out from his chest. If you go camping in New York, beware of H Man who may visit you whilst you sleep.

We hope you enjoyed out list of urban legends. We promise you there's nothing to worry about, they're only stories.... 

or are they?

Feel free to add your own family favourite folklore tales in the comment section below.

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