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A Ghost Walks Into A Bar | Interactive Ghosts at Petes Tavern | Nampa, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

A ghost walks into a bar...

That's exactly what could be taking place at Petes Tavern in Nampa, Idaho!

Petes Tavern is a two storey traditional brick tavern located on 12th Avenue at the heart of Nampas historical quarter with a fantastic basement sports/games room.

This building dates back to the 1800s and was originally part of a historical row of shops central to the Nampas commercial business districts. The building was even used as a secret 'speakeasy' where folks would enjoy after hours parties.

Tragically, in 1909, the building suffered a major fire however it was rebuilt and thrives today.

The tavern is rumoured to be actively haunted by spirits from from those earlier bygone eras.

Bar staff and visitors alike have claimed to witnessing many ghostly apparitions lingering amidst the premises.

One family described how they heard disembodied female voices, like a group of lady spirits were in conversation and some of these audible voices have even been recorded by paranormal investigators by way of EVP (electromagnetic voice phenomena).

The phenomena experienced here is believed to be 'intelligent' in nature.

The science bit: 

An intelligent haunting is perhaps the most traditional, and widely accepted type of haunt. Intelligent entities are interactive and conscious/aware of their immediate surroundings. If they like you, you shouldn't have any problems, if they don't be very cautious as they can physically move objects but not on the same level as a poltergeist.

There are often intense room temperature fluctuations experienced here, yet another indication of spirit presence as they attempt to use our atmospheric energy in order to manifest.

There is a back room known as 'the cave' (actual pic below) which is allegedly active with four separate entities.

These spirits seem non malevolent but may physically stroke/touch on the arms and legs, play with your hair, whisper in your ears. Of course this interaction can be pretty unsettling if you don't know what you're walking into initially.

However, you have been forewarned. You might want to 'look twice' to ensure the person sitting next to you is... of the same realm.

Are you ready for the tavern ghosts?

So, whose getting the next round in then?

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