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All An Illusion Timeslip Phenomena at The Grand Brick Guesthouse | Grangeville, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

The Grand Brick Guesthouse in Grangeville, Idaho, although no longer in use, still has some very eery goings on. This place is said to 'scare the hardiest of souls'.

This historic inn is rumoured to be haunted by many spirits accompanied by some very unusual phenomena.

Previous guests have reported witnessing faucets turn on unaided and rooms and corridors which materialise before ones very eyes. Actual physical rooms and hallways momentarily manifesting where there was nothing before slipping away once more.

Honestly, this to me sounds just as fascinating as seeing an actual ghost.

Could these rooms be residual structural echoes from Grangevilles past? Or a reflection of another world?

Many have suggested this could be 'timeslip' phenomena, I wonder what was here before this inn was established.

What do you know about Grangeville?

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