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Analytical Atmospheric Change Coincides With Unfolding Phenomena | Angry Little Spirit Girl Lashes Out At The Devereaux Mansion | Salt Lake City Utah | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Are you passionate about the paranormal?

Eager to encounter some sort of phenomena?

In the lead up to Halloween you may want to consider this next spooky location.

The Devereaux mansion in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a genuinely haunted mansion. 

Built in 1857, this gothic styled home, is guaranteed to terrify.

Floating mists, dark mass shadows and mysterious light anomalies are an everyday occurrence here. 

A point of interest is that multiple scenarios seem to take place unanimously. Atmospheric fluctuations eg room temperature drop (ice cold blasts), unexplained mists on camera recordings, and clear EVP (electromagnetic voice phenomena) which occur within the exact same timeframe.

This would give massive scope for paranormal consideration as there are no other viable sources of alteration present within those short moments.

Even more astonishing is that at the exact time these changes occur, chairs have been violently pushed across the room and a little spirit girl has been spotted peering down from the upper level windows.

Are these physical changes initiated by paranormal manifestation?

But be assured, if that little girl wants to come your way, you will hear her slamming doors as she approaches you.

One family reported that they walked right past the little girl and heard her voice audibly singing songs, giggling and mumbling to herself, and upon their return home they have since discovered the little girl appear on the photographs they took whilst inside the mansion.

Local folks say that this apparition is truly frightening and even state that they now avoid walking past the mansion at night.

It would appear that analysis may reveal that paranormal phenomena is undoubtedly taking place at the Devereaux mansion. It is one thing for a room to become cold, it is another thing to witness chairs flying across a room, and another to see an apparition, but all of those things within the same timeframe would seem positively indicative of paranormal phenomena.

Some say the little girl entity is harmless, others disagree believing her to be an angry malevolent spectre.

Have you ever experienced anything you would consider to be paranormal? Because i would like to hear about it in the comment section below.

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