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Apparitions at University Inn & Resort | Gooding, Idaho | History | Paranormal | Idahaunts

The Get Inn, a local Bed & Breakfast, closed its doors in 2012. However, the building later re-opened and is now known as the Gooding University Inn Resort, and its rooms are said to be extremely haunted !

Situated between Caldwell and Pocatello, and built in 1917 the Inn is surrounded by stunning uncompromised farmlands, a popular tourist attraction, yet this location is said to be one of Idahos most haunted!

Mid 40s the place was used a tubercolosis hospital and hundreds sadly died here. Many believe the spirits of these patients still haunt the inn today!

A popular paranormal place of interest, investigators claim to witnessing an apparition of a little girl, and a man in a white surgical coat, possibly a ghost of a past on site surgeon ?

Audible whispers and footsteps have been recorded here, could this be the energy of old patients still lingering on ?

If sleeping in old haunted dormitories appeals to you why not book a room at the Inn and see if you witness anything paranormal yourself ?

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*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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