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February 02, 2021 at 12:53 pm a gentleman reached out to us with some footage of  what appeared to be a shadow coming into view on his camera during recording.  The shadow seemed to move from the lower right-hand corner of the screen to the mid right side of the screen.  At first glance the video clip and images are compelling.  What made them even more intriguing was his claim that no one was in the room with him while filming.  

Upon reviewing the evidence presented to us.  Our team found the image to be very similar to that of a K9 ear.  Another factor that jumped out to our BoiCGH team rather quickly was the sound of barking in the area of the recording.  This prompted us to do some research and see if we could find some public images available of the family pup.  We were able to find an image of the dog.  So we took the image of the dogs ear and overlapped it with the image of the shadow in the video.  It lined up almost perfectly.  We would say about 97%.  And being dog lovers ourselves we recognized the motion as similar to a dog as well. 

So where does this all leave us?  The gentlemen was adamant that he had recorded paranormal activity.  And the evidence presented led us to believe it was not paranormal at all.  When you take on the responsibility of being a paranormal investigator you have to look at the evidence as 'stand alone'.  What does that mean?  That means the evidence needs to stand on it's own two feet for us to classify it as paranormal.  We need to be able to prove there was no interference and/or contamination.  In the case of submitted material all we have to go on is the evidence presented.  We often find ourselves in a position of not discrediting the personal experience.  While having doubts about the overall evidence presented.  This video is one of those situations.  We have no visual on the entrances to the room.  And we have no visual of the room as a whole.  That leaves us with a video where there is the sound of a barking dog and the shadow in question lines up with the ear of the family dog.  On that alone we have no basis to consider this claim to be paranormal.  We did offer to do an investigation at the residence based on other personal experiences.  As well as making a quick trip to see the room in question.  After our conclusion the gentleman responded with a simple, "Thanks for checking it out..."  He has since contacted another group that seemed to have a more favorable response.

Boise City Ghost Hunters Paranormal Research and Investigations doesn't take any request for help lightly.  We do our very best to maintain an honest approach with emphasis on finding the answers.  Not simply looking for the paranormal.  Our answers will not always be what our clients want to hear.  And on occasion we have suggested folks look for a second opinion.  Every group in this field has their own style and reasoning.  We will always stand on the side of truth, as unpopular as that may be.



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