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Bygone Ghosts at The Haunted Helgeson Place Hotel | Idaho | IdaHaunts | Paranormal | Historical | BoiCGH

Just how brave are you feeling?

Brave enough to spend a night at Idahos allegedly most haunted hotel?!

Situated in the heart of Orofino, Idaho, and nicknamed the 'Historic Helgeson' with a stunning scenic backdrop which draws hundreds of visitors in each year.

However, the scenery is not the only appeal as this 100 year old hotel is a hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts and investigators alike and believed to be the most haunted hotel in all of Idaho!

Elegant yet modern, the hotel is warm and welcoming. There is even a ballroom which was once used for dances and social gatherings to the rear of the property.

There has been much phenomena and paranormal activity reported from the hotel.

Many guests have reported to hearing unexplained knocking, shouting, banging noises whilst others have informed staff they have witnessed a ghost lady (apparition) walking around outside at nightfall.

Some believe the phenomena to be activity caused by spirits of bygone days such as past owners and guests. Others have said the ghost lady outside may have died there and her spirit lingers on at the property unwilling or unable to leave?

What do you think? 

Let us know any thoughts you might have or wish to share down in the comment section below.

Why not book one of the 58 rooms now! 

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST.COM

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