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Can Ghosts Haunt Your Dreams?

Dreaming is a natural occurrence. We ALL dream. But what about ghosts in dreams?  

Is it possible a ghost, spirit or supernatural entity can infiltrate your actual dreams? If so, what would be their purpose?

Read on to find out more!

Many believe that if you dream of a ghost presence which feels threatening or like it is attacking you that you may going through some emotional turmoil in your 'real' life situations.

You may feel under 'attack' or as if you are being 'held back' in some area of your life, hence the threatening energy or 'ghost attack'.

Many would agree that deep subconscious fears, usually revolving around substantial concerns i.e. ones future, a big life decision etc will often coincide with dreams of ghosts.

It has been discussed that these dreams are like spiritual warnings which should never be non chalantly ignored but rather we should take heed and do our best to decipher the dream as an aid in moving forward and subsequently removing any negativity or fears.

Is there some aspect of your personal growth that you can flourish? Do you need to heal? What are you holding back? 

Do not allow dream state 'fears' to cross over and manifest in real life!

Haunted dreams where people claim to actually coming face to face with actual entities can be terrifying!

During a very dark time in my own personal life I myself have experienced episodes of severe sleep paralysis where my mind actually witnessed a dark entity enter my bedroom. I could not move or even scream. As if i was being 'held' down by a negative force. Since then i absolutely believe dreams can be infiltrated by ghosts and demons and / or angels.

It will usually be quite evident which entity you are dealing with by how you feel upon waking from the dream.

I have lost a loved one and felt their presence in a dream and woke crying happy tears. It was real. I felt everything but all on another realm. The dreaming realm. I believe this was sent to comfort me during my loss.

Many people report feelings of their homes being haunted at the exact time of experiencing spirits entering their dreams. We dont doubt this whatsoever! The supernatural is all around us!

Just remember its how you react upon waking that is important.

Take time to reflect on your current situations. Take heed. Be aware. Be alert!

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