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Castle Espie, County Down, Northern Ireland, UK

Todays post is an Irish location as an ode to St. Patrick's Day.

Castle Espie Wetland Centre, set against a stunning scenic backdrop, is an extremely popular tourist destination which showcases Irelands largest collection of exotic and native birds, bats and wildlife.

Espies current Manager, John McCullough states that the centre is home to the ghost of a young Victorian girl, who wears a shawl, holds a baby close to her chest and carries a flickering lantern.

Many visitors have heard a girl crying, believed to be this young mother as she seeks comfort and warmth for her and her baby in the vast surrounding woodlands.

Some local folk say they have actually seen the girl and approached her, but she quickly runs away and disappears into the dark surrounding forests.

Many visitors have left early on account of feeling a strong 'eerie' or 'unsettling' feeling as they toured the moors.

One family say their daughter claims to have been approached by a ghost like lady holding a candle, which would line up with previous descriptions of the said spirit.

What would do if you saw a spirit? Would you remain at the scene? Or flee? We would love to know your thoughts!

Certainly an interesting place to visit if ever you are in Northern Ireland.  And on that note the team would like to wish you all a blessed and safe St Patrick's Day!

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