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Disembodied Singing As Children Play Ring Of Roses At The White Sanitarium | Wichita Texas | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

The White Sanitarium in Wichita is known as the most haunted hospital in Texas.

Historical medical facilities often go hand in hand with paranormal activity and this creepy, now abandoned, asylum is no different.

This establishment once conducted unethical and inhumane medical experimentation on men, women and children, many being mentally impaired.

The site is now privately owned and not available for investigation.

However, past visitors have encountered a whole array of unexplained phenomena including light bulbs spontaneously shattering, doors banging and shut and disembodied screams.

Could these be the agonizing screams of the operating table victims eerily residually resonating today?

The most astonishing activity witnessed here are the sightings of small children, casually playing, hands held in circles, as if playing 'ring around the roses' accompanied by eery disembodied child voices singing.

Ring O' Ring O' Roses - was originally an English Pagan folklore song dating as far back as 1881. It originally foretold of death hence 'they all fall down'. The song was later adapted and eerily sang across playgrounds worldwide.

Did these small spectral children 'all fall down' right here at the White Sanitarium?

These children would be classed as intelligent/human hauntings as they will visibly turn their heads and look at the living as they approach and then set about whispering and giggling to one another before exiting our realm.

These tiny spirits pose no threat, nor seem alarmed, and continue play in a casual manner.

Could it be that these small children are unware of their fate?

What do you think?

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