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Chilling EVPs and Gunslinger Ghosts At The Idaho Hotel | Silver City, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Back in the 1800s Silver City was a vibrant and bustling mining town.

The Idaho Hotel, in Murphy, was first established in 1863, closed down in 1942 and opened again at the turn of the century.

Owner Roger Nelson states the town is brimming with rich history and a wealth of timeless stories to be heard. Nelson and his wife explain how some visitors would say that Room 26 is actively haunted and some were fearful to return to that room.

This may look like an abandoned town but it is rumoured to be very much alive, with ghosts.

Did you know the Idaho Hotel is over 150 years old, many people died here, and it would seem many of those who passed on actually decided to stay here!

Visitors often encounter an apparition wearing a long riding coat, he is believed to be the spirit of Samuel Lockheart. Lockheart died during a shoot out, in 1868 just outside the hotel entrance, Lockheart always wore a long riding coat.

Could Lockheart be lingering here today?

However, this is not the only reported ghost. A spirit who readily manifests, wearing a smart tuxedo, said to be one of the very first hotel managers who committed suicide here, has been spotted on multiple occasions.

Could this manager be monitoring the property, albeit supernaturally, today?

Paranormal investigators have captured chilling electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) saying ‘don’t move’.

This hotel may well be off the beaten track, but if it’s a glimpse of the paranormal you’re after, it could be worth your time.

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