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Supernatural Cries at The Perrine Bridge | Twin Falls, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, has been described as a 'Titanic structure'. This iconic four lane bridge spans 15 hundred feet across with more than 32 thousand vehicles crossing it every single day and was initially used a toll crossing costing 60c per car.

Erected in 1927, then hailed as the 'worlds highest bridge', the Perrine bridge is also documented as the Ira Burton Inter County Perrine Bridge.  The state of Idaho bought the bridge in 1940 and ended the fee system. The bridge was later rebuilt in 1976 costing over ten million dollars.

But what caught our attention is that this bridge is rumoured to be haunted and many have encountered haunting audible supernatural voices.

Many people have lost their lives here due to automobile accidents, suicides and traffic fatalities. Locals describe it as 'Memorial Bridge' whilst other call it 'a true Magic Valley gem'.

The bridge is iconic with Extreme Sports fanatics and base jumpers yet sadly a few have died here when their safety devices failed to operate.

There have been reports of unexplained moaning and crying sounds at night. Could these sounds be the spirits who so tragically died here?

A residual haunting is like a record on repeat. Spirits are known to reside where they lost their lives therefore their energy is trapped within that location and surrounding material. For example, when people describe seeing ghosts 'walking through walls', it is a far more likely scenario that they are walking through a door that once occupied that space and that a wall has since been erected there.

The spirit does not recognise the new wall but stays near to the door. So maybe this would explain the eery voices so often experienced here?

Have you ever crossed the Perrine Bridge? Did anything strange occur?

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