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Deliverance Prayers For Use by The Laity | Father Chad Ripperger | Books | Spiritual | Resources

I would surely do this book a dis service if i were to review it as just a prayer book. It is so much more! 

Deliverance Prayers [For Use by The Laity] is written by Father Chad Ripperger, PhD and well established and highly respected Roman Catholic Priest who is revered amongst tradionalists and recognised as being interactive by way of hosting informative talks amongst communities to help them better understand an array of spiritual topics.

This is solely my own person review and the photograph shown is my own property.

This book covers a multitude of aspects from everyday protection prayers to freeing of occultic ties to renouncement of false religions and generational curses.

I enjoyed the emphasis being on the urgency of the correct authoratitive approach being implemented when dealing with exorcism and spiritual bindings.

So many folks today carelessly dive in without consideration for the aftermath of any actions.

Demons are as real as you and I and are not to be dealt with in ignorance being commanded out here there and everywhere. Rather we should pray FATHER IN YOUR NAME, I ASK THAT "YOU" COMMAND THESE DEMONS OUT. You see the authoratitive difference?

This book claims to stay within the confines of Gods authority and acts as a solid resource for anyone seeking spiritual protection.

There are even prayers for regular life experiences such as a prayer to 'reverse decisions' and a section to 'break down the walls around ones heart'.

A true pocket sized gem certainly worth the reasonable sum i paid at only £11.50p. 

Please check out Father Rippergers website (Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry) for many great resources.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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