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Demonic Manifestation Sulphur And Ghostly Spectre At Abandoned Igloo Hotel | Cantwell Alaska | Paranormal | Historical | Haunted | America | BoiCGH

This Igloo style hotel, just off the George Parks Highway in Cantwell Alaska, is a truly unique and fascinating structure. The hotel was first constructed in 1970 by Leon Smith who had dreams of the hotel flourishing. Sadly it was not to be as construction was stopped due to code violations.

Authorities claimed the igloo was too large to demolish, so here it stands, eerily abandoned.

More fascinating still is that the place is believed haunted by a terrifying ghostly woman in white.

Vehicles which drive by at night have reported encountering strange flickering lights and the full spectrum apparition of a female spectre lingering in the distance.

Paranormal investigators describe feeling extremely heavily oppressive forces and significant electronical equipment malfunction whilst at this location.

The second floor is where many describe feeling a malevolent dark mass shadow figure accompanied by feelings of sudden nausea and the aroma of sulphur in the air.


We all know how sulphur smells, exactly like rotten eggs. The paranormal world recognises that sulphur is a key marker of DEMONIC MANIFESTATION. Sulphur is a non metallic element normally detected on the earths crust by way of volcanic activities. The Biblical term for sulphur is ‘brimstone’.

Sulphur is said to be an identifier of demons, and the more powerful the demon, the stronger the sulphur odour. So, a basic demon would only leave a light trace of sulphur, but a demon such as Azazel would leave an overpowering almost unbearable odour almost assaulting the senses.

If you come here and sense the odour of sulphur. GET OUT FAST.

SAFEY WARNING : Hundreds of folks travel out here just to step inside the igloo. Please take note that this building has many safety issues and is deemed hazardous. Alaska can be wild and beautiful but often unforgiving and pretty dangerous once snow sets in.

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