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Digital Voice Recorders | Informational | Boise, ID | Paranormal | Electronic Voice Phenomenon | EVP

Digital Voice Recorders are handheld audio recorders an investigator carries around with them on an investigation. Sometimes Digital Voice Recorders are placed in areas with audible activity for the duration of an investigation.  Digital Voice Recorders are great when conducting an Electronic Voice Phenomenon(EVP) session. It is typically best to place the Voice Recorder on the ground or a solid surface near you during an EVP session.  The microphones are very sensitive on most all Digital Voice Recorders always keep that in mind.  During analysis listen for sounds that may be explained away.  Always try to document on your recorder when you hear something recognizable e.g. dog barking, sirens, trains, etc.  It is also a great idea to time stamp each room as you enter.  Just give a brief description the room, the time, and who is entering.  This simple process will help tremendously during the review process.

Digital Voice Recorder | EVP

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Angela Jane

Great article! Would be fascinating seeing one of these being used! Thanks for explaining

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