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Eagle Island State Park Prison Farm | Boise, Idaho | Historical | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Eagle Island Prison Farm is set on a 523 acre island in the Boise River, Idaho. The farm land was purchased by the State Board of Prisons in 1929 to be used as a prison assisting the nearby Idaho State Penitentiary.

This was a 'working' prison where inmates would work on a Community Service type basis but in crop and cattle maintenance rotas, which ensured the continuity of the farms reputation as a self sustained facility. 

1930 ushered in the use of dairy milking barns and in 1965 the farm was granted legislation for its own abattoir (slaughter units). However, in 1977, the Department of Corrections ceased all use of the farm and sold it to park land developers. 

Abandoned since the early seventies, explorers today are fascinated to discover the original grain units and dormitory bunkers, hidden amongst locust trees, now secured with metal corrugated sheet, still standing today.

Old bullet holes in the walls, spray painted crucifixes on walls, one can only wonder what really took place here all those years ago. Many outlet buildings including a giant metal wheel are pretty much covered over in foliage, history frozen in time, right here in Idaho.

The farm is popular with photography enthusiasts as it offers some seriously iconic photography shots for those who appreciate 'moody, distressed and derelict' captures.  

Although derelict, the place still gives wonderful haunting abandoned atmospheric ambience worthy of visiting. But please proceed with great caution as many fixtures are unstable and could pose safety issues with irrigation outlet manholes and barbed wire readily displayed. 

Have you ever visited the old abandoned farm?

Have you heard the rumours that this location is haunted?

Please let us know in the comment section below.

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