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Evil Warehouse Entities | Pocatello, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Pocatellos warehouse district in Idaho was originally part of Fort Halls Indian Reservation. The historical downtown warehouse quarters were the only trading establishments within a three hundred mile radius accessible by railroad. Hence these warehouses being the epicentre of Idahos agricultural and wholesale distribution.

So it comes as no surprise to consider that this area is reportedly haunted today.

One ex warehouse worker reports that he worked in a warehouse on First Street and was required to offload boxes to the basement. He claims there was an old freezer down there which had been used when it was a morgue.

Locals often talked about an evil doctor who would perform experiments on the dead down there, sometimes he would even using the underground tunnel system to kidnap people off the street. The warehouse was said to be his kill room.

The man claims the basement felt 'evil' and that he saw old bloodied handprints on the freezer door and on the windows as if people had struggled and tried to escape. He believed sinister forces were still haunting the place.

One single lightbulb swung to and fro revealing an unexplained dark entity on an adjacent wall. The workers called it the 'face of the devil' as the unexplained phenomena appeared with hollow eyes and wide menacing mouth.

Could this be some sort of manifestation resulting from the trauma that took place?

Another worker claims he witnessed a black figure run towards him from the corner of the room and as he ran he was startled to see a little blonde haired girl.

The man shouted "little girl what are you doing here?" but the girl did not respond, her pale face stared back at him, motionless.

He can only consider that this may have been a spirit as she disappeared just as fast. As he hurried to leave the warehouse he was exposed to one last entity. A figure in a white doctor coat covered in blood splatter holding a knife. 

None of the workers ever returned to work at the basement too terrified of its paranormal activities.

So next time you are downtown Pocatello why not walk by the old town quarters. Maybe its true that some things never truly die. 

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