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Fiesty Spirits at Satin Dolls Gentlemans Club | Boise, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Satin Dolls (formerly Night Moves) is a Gentlemens Club located in Boise, Idaho. 

Staff report that the club is actively haunted and have felt intense ice cold channels, witnessed full body apparitions and even lights unexplainably moving of their own accord.

But what really is causing those chandeliers to spontaneously swing into action? 

This property was originally used a working warehouse and locals believe the venue is haunted by previous workers and families who lived and died here. Maybe this explains the sighting of a little girl who is often seen casually playing about the place seemingly unaware of her realm.

Other phenomena experienced here is that of a poltergeist who likes to throw objects across rooms! Could this be the spirit of the old janitor who hung himself on the property?

A ex DJ who worked at the club claims that the spirits here are anything but friendly and left him feeling pretty terrified! He states seeing the little ghost girl bouncing a toy ball. Also many say an apparition frequently appears at the VIP area after hours.

Some say that the janitor murdered the little girl and then hung himself.

Are you from Boise?

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