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Hailing Satan In The Geothermal Hills | From Oregon To Hell | Demonic Portals Witches Covens And Human Sacrifice At Malheur Butte | Malheur Butte, Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

Malheur Butte, Malheur County Oregon, is volcanic area located off Highway 20 close to the banks of the Malheur River. This Butte stands 5000ft above ground and is a distinctive historical landmark.

During the 1840s, this natural site of wonder was known as Kennedy Butte and was home to several native tribes.

The Butte was used as a navigational aid and served as a vantage point, monitoring incoming wagon trains and the surrounding hot springs were often used for washing garments and bathing.

The Butte has been inactive for millions of years yet scientific study has revealed continuous geothermal activity, this is the same energy which powers the hot springs.

Thermal energy has been harnessed, and repurposed, by Oregon scientists, but we can’t help but wonder what else is powering up under these earthy rocks.

There have been rumors of human sacrifice and satanic ritual at this location.

Many have described witches covens built into the cave sides and suspect the very darkest practices have taken place here.

Perhaps this would explain the continual discovery of human bones unearthed here.

In fact this site is a known meeting place for clandestine and highest secret societies.

I was fascinated to discover that sections of the Butte are rumored to house active portals to the demonic realms.

An open road to hell itself.

Horrifically, many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts have reported suffering distress when sighting dark, demonic, imp like, shadowy creatures which they describe as ‘resembling mutated demonic hounds’.

Campers have told of inhuman growls and disembodied voices heard around their tents during the night. Tents have been violently and physically dragged across the grounds with occupants inside them.

Alarmingly, spontaneous fires which literally ignite before peoples eyes have caused many to leave early, along with started up from nothing, accompanied by a sensation of being chased/preyed upon, feeling spiritually attacked by dark forces.

Demons never play nicely.

I often wonder if people realise just what they are summoning when they partake in ritualistic ceremony.

Many believe that hell is not real and rituals are nothing more than processions.

I would like to know if any of our readers have ever had any experience / consequences of Ouija boards and or ritual.

Drop a comment below as I will be researching the topic in depth.


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