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Haunted Bidston Hill | England | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

The Wirral Peninsula is filled with natural beauty, family activities, historical treasure hunts, described as a 'true hidden gem' is located not too far from Liverpool. You can actually hop on board a ferry from Liverpool which crosses over the River Mersey to Birkenhead, Wirral. You may be aware of the well know Gerry & The Pacemakers song 'Ferry Cross The Mersey' well tis the very river he wrote about!

Bidston Hill is one of the highest points on Merseyside and covers over 100 acres of ancient rock clad fields!

There is also an 1800 built windmill which has been a tourist attraction for many years.

Many visitors here have reported seeing ghostly figures walking across the meadow and mill area! Some locals believe the ghost is the spirit of a former mill worker who was tragically murdered here!

Many people say they feel extremely uncomfortable when approaching the old windmill. Could there be some negative energy present here resulting  from the past murder scene we wonder?

There is also a wonderfully ornate old abandoned observatory and many there have been numerous UFO sighting reported from this area.

A beautifully scenic area well worth a day trip!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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