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Haunted Boise | Idaho | Paranormal | Idahaunts | BoiCGH | Historical

Boise, Idaho, is one of Americas most haunted cities! 

The city is home to many historical and noteworthy locations!

In 1973 'The Statesman' reporter Ken Barrows released an article on paranormal events occurring at a local Boise residence. You can purchase a book called Haunted America by Michael Norm if you wish to read the full report.

The aforementioned house was built by the grandfather of the late US Senator Frank Church. Frank Church had a son who tragically died on the house when he discovered a bottle of turpentine in the garage and drank it sadly mistaking it for a beverage. One family who resided at the home reported they could not stay at the property due to the intense and disturbing paranormal activities within the home. Their children would wake up screaming claiming someone was choking them! Could this be a sort of re enactment of the misfortunate suffered by the little boy all those years ago? One child even said a little boy would look down at him from an upstairs window!

One lodger claims he literally woke up engulfed in flames and leaped from the window landing him a stay at the local hospital!

In 1973 the house was destroyed by demolition and never rebuilt.

Another reportedly haunted location is 1867 built Idaho Hotel in Silver City just outside of Boise. This hotel is so paranormally active that guests frequently check OUT not long after they've checked IN!

There are many delightfully nostalgic shops and prominent buildings in Boises downtown area. The 'Boise Little Theatre' is said to be extremely haunted and tv crews have actually caught audible evidence whilst filming!

Duane Holidays who is a local stagehand at the theatre claims himself and two other staff members have witnessed a full body apparition many times. A tall dark figure believed to be a ghost! Paranormal teams claim they experienced intense cold spots and heard unexplained knocking sounds and multiple shadow people!

Boise is a spectacular place with lots going on and some stunning views and history aplenty! With much history often comes reports of paranormal events. We invite you to come and spend some time checking out Boise for yourself!

What are you waiting for!?

For any further guidance or information on where to start your 'Boise Ghost Tour' please contact us here at Boise City Ghost Hunters and we will be more than happy to advise!

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