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Haunted Halls Alex The Entity at Frazier Hall Idaho State University | Pocatello, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Idaho | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Idaho State University, Pocatello Idaho, is a public university which was founded in 1901 and offers almost 300 academic programmes with campuses at Meridian, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls.

This campus is known for its creepy and unexplained phenomena and is rumoured to be haunted by an entity known as Alex. It is suggested that, many years ago, a Professor would bring her young son, Alex, along with her to the building whilst she worked.

This little boy truly loved spending time here and in later years, just before he passed away, he described to friends that those were the very best days of this life.

Could this boy have loved the place so much that he chooses to reside there in spirit today?

This haunting is a classic residual haunting where a spirit will stay, emotionally tied, to a specific location.

Witnesses have described hearing sounds of his footsteps up on the fourth floor hall.

Frazier Hall, which consists of the Speech Department and Drama Theatre, is reported as the most actively haunted location with phenomena such as flitting shadow figures, unexplained mumblings and mysterious light anomalies.

Faculty report hearing doors unexplainably bang shut which Public Safety inspectors could not explain. Whilst in the Drama Theatre, many students feel as though there are invisible spectators, watching from another realm, as they practice piano and dramatisations.

One night a Security Guard here actually called police out to the scene when he witnessed the very disturbing sounds of a woman screaming here, although the building was empty.

It is suggested that if you drive past this university, and look up at the R1 lot top window of Frazier Hall, you will encounter a female apparition peering down.

Next time you drive by, let us know if you see anything.

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