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Are any of our readers from Idaho? If you are, drop me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Twin Falls, 1974, where daredevil Evel Knievel jumped across the canyon in a steam powered rocket.

Twin Falls is also known as the largest city in Magic Valley.

But did you know that Twin Falls communities continually experience a whole array of unexplained paranormal phenomena?

And this exact same phenomena is replicated in residential homes across the city?

Sometimes, it takes a lot of courage for people to even talk about their experiences, many incidents go unreported.

However, there are those who claim they have encountered some truly terrifying things right here in Idaho.

One family claimed they heard loud demonic like laughter emanating from their empty basement which they said was "not human".

Many homeowners described items moving unaided across kitchen countertops and perhaps the most alarming phenomena are the 'mimicking' voices. These voices will shout across rooms to specific family members.

Have you ever witnessed anything like that?

A young daughter hears mom shouting her and calls out 'yes mom?' only moments later the phone rings and its her mom on the other end of the line.

Did anyone else just get chills?

Why would a spirit or entity want to trick and mimic?

To cause chaos and confusion?

Or could it simply be a playful spirit? What do you think?

And lastly, many seem to be encountering dark shadow figures within their residential homes and even places of work.

Twin Falls has some good and significantly rich history, and is known as 'the Gateway' to the Snake River Canyon.

Twin Falls' first permanent settlement formed in 1804 at Rock Creek, yet in its entirety was only be founded in 1904, as a planned community.

However, Idahos history reaches back far and deep.

Many have speculated that these timeless hills are an active 'supernatural' gateway.

We know that Idaho is rich in historically significant events, maybe there are hauntings of the original furtrappers, pioneers, warriors.

Idaho, where Warren Stuart founded the original Oregon Trail in 1812.

Idaho, home to the historical Wilson Butte Cave where spear arrowheads, now known to be amongst some the oldest ever recorded artefacts, were found.

These glorious desserts have witnessed so many events and time eras that i would quite honestly be more shocked if they were NOT haunted.

High energy will always equal high residual imprint and also possible intelligent hauntings.

If you live in Idaho, and you have experienced something you would consider as being paranormal, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Sometimes just by sharing an experience, it may help another person who is going through the exact same circumstances.

Very often, folks feel that there may not be enough activity, not enough going on to reach out for help.

Our response would be that we are a professional investigative team who are sensitive to each and every enquiry and look forward to assisting you.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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