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I Cast A Spell On You | British Kings American Towns And Deadly Spells | Dudleytown Connecticut | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Dudleytown is now an abandoned settlement north western Cornwall, Connecticut, which is today believed cursed.

First established by the Dudley family who were originally from England. One Dudley family member actually attempted to overthrow King Henry VIII.

The British monarchies were known for their cold barbaric practices and would often conjure spells and curses also.

I promise some of us are nice ha.

It is said that King Henry beheaded him and then cast a deadly ‘lineage’ spell on his complete family. But not just immediate family, this included ALL past present AND future family members/descendants, regardless that they were completely innocent in all of this.

The Dudley family eloped to America where they eventually established Dudleytown.

It is alleged that, horrifically, that very town also became cursed and one day all the inhabitants of the town vanished.

Ever since that time, tourists and visitors would describe seeing ghostly apparitions of horse drawn carriages and wondering townsfolk, accompanied by intense sensations of dizziness, vertigo and general feelings of being unwell.

Were they experiencing the effects of the very lineage spell cast by King Henry himself?

There has been so much attention around this town, but to a disturbing extent, so much so that most of it was either closed down or allocated as private land to keep prying eyes and ever inquisitive minds out.

However, can one ever really confine the boundaries of a limitless and powerful spell?

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