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Idaho Phantoms And Human Intelligent Hauntings | Pandoras Restaurant & Pub | Boise, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

From 2007 to 2010 Kurt and Pandora Handley were owners of Pandoras Restaurant & Pub.

Does anyone from Idaho remember this place? If so, let me know in the comment section below.

The venue was located downtown Boise at the old warehouse district and was originally a beans, clove and grain storage area for Twin Falls Milling Company.

The building is no longer in use and, in 1995, was placed onto the National Register Of Historic Places.

However, the Handleys reported that during their years of management here they experienced a whole range of creepy and unexplained encounters with the paranormal.

They describe how boxes of opened goods and food items would spontaneously fall from kitchen tabletops, when they rushed to clean up, as they picked the upside down boxes up, amazingly no food had fallen out of the inside pack. Like an invisible force was somehow holding the goods in place.

How can this be?

Does the supernatural somehow defy gravity?

Mr Handley states he even attempted to re enact this event multiple times, and it never repeated itself again. Each time he placed the open boxes on the ground, the food spilled out as it naturally would.

The couple described a strange orb with a ghostly face appear on their restaurant photographs, it looked like a female face, as if she was sat relaxing amidst the living customers.

The couple became so convinced their establishment was haunted that they called in paranormal investigators. The team picked up on a very strong female presence on the restaurant stairwell. It was later revealed that a lady had fallen and died on those very stairs.

Could a residual haunting still be lingering here?

Motion alarms would go off when nobody was in the room and strange old timey phantom music heard playing in the still of the night.

One evening the couple sat down to dinner when a gentleman entered the room. They stood up to greet the man and he disappeared into thin air before their very eyes.

Locals have suggested the male spectre to be the spirit of an industrial worker called Freddie who worked here and was killed in an accident inside this building when it operated as a warehouse.

Even though Pandoras is now closed, and the couple moved on to another location, they stated feeling as though Freddie came along with them.

It seemed Freddie did not want to be left behind and may have preferred being around people, not empty places.

It is apparent that Freddie is a HUMAN / INTELLIGENT haunting.

Human hauntings are aware of their surroundings and capable of readily interacting with the living.

If you are from Idaho, do you remember Pandoras Restaurant & Pub?

Drop a comment below.

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