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Macabre Spirits at The Cecil Hotel (AHS Hotel Cortez)| Los Angeles | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles also known as 'Stay On Main' is steeped in history, facts and eery tradgedy! Many refer to it as the 'macabre murder hotel' believing it to be actively haunted by those who died here. There have been thousands of reports of strange phenoma including voices, unexplained light anomalies and a sense of utter imminent dread.

Here are just some of the things we discovered!

We all remember the devastating Elisa Lam tradgedy. The 21 year old Canadian student, who went into a hotel but never came back out! Reported missing January 31st, 2013, her body was discovered weeks later, in a sceptic water tank located behind the hotel. News coverage showed footage of Elisa seemingly frightened as if running from someone as she frantically panicked in an elevator waving her arms wildly in fear.

The haunting last moments of her life all recorded on the hotels security camera system. The circumstances of her death were never solved but why was she running? And who, or what, from? It has been suggested that Lam had become possessed by an entity within the building.

What we were shocked to discover is that there are no viable ways to get to the top of the sceptic tanks. Police had to arrange ladders and equipment just to look inside. So how did she get up there?  

Did you know that this is the actual hotel used in the Lady Gaga season of American Horror Story. The fictional 'Hotel Cortez'. TV producers say it instantly grabbed their attention due to its nostalgic art deco ambience and intricate architecture which had a feel not dissimilar to the hotel used in box office hit movie The Shining. 

During the early 1920s the hotel fell into a state of decay and functioned as low budget accomodation. It became notorious for its murder rape and suicides. Many died here!

Could this hotel be holding pent up residual energy from so many past spirits? It is believed that mirrors confuse spirits, is it sheer coincidence that this hotel has so many?

In 1947 this was where Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia murder) was last seen. You may recognise the hotel if you have been watching Netflixs 'The Night Stalker' which documents serial killer Richard Ramirez. He spent many nights here after murderous rampages and confessed to washing his bloodied clothes right here! 

Paranormal teams claim they recorded EVP voices pleading "find her!" and "Keep out!". Could this be related to the Elisa Lam incident? Are there spirits here who are trying to reveal some truths? 

We find it extra disturbing that a quote encapsulating the American Horror Story episodes filmed here were described as "guests can check out anytime they like but they never leave..."

If you enjoyed this article why not keep an eye out for the upcoming four part docu series 'The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel' scheduled to air on Netflix on 10th February! 

Amd remember ... stay at your own peril !

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