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Maggie Still Awaits Her Lovers Return at The Historical Jameson Cocktail Bar & Inn | Wallace, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

This location is known as one of Idahos most haunted landmarks.

The Historical Jameson Cocktail Bar & Inn located on 6th Street, Wallace, Idaho, contrary to multiple reports that it is no longer operational, is only temporarily closed. The building is under new management and rooms can be booked here for groups, families, functions, but not singular one person/individual bookings.

This modern cocktail bar is housed within what used to function as Idahos warehouse district which date back to 1830. These buildings still have fascinating original features such as secret trap doors, basements and hidden passageways. There is much history held within these walls. 

It is suggested the tunnel system running underground was used during the prohibition for purposes such as illegal bootlegging, prostitution and gambling.

It is believed there are are two active spirits here, Maggie and Ollie. Maggie has been seen to physically manifest as a full spectrum apparition, much to the shock of guests and the Inn even has a room dedicated to her called Maggies Room.

It is suggested that Maggie checked in here many years ago and won't ever check out. Maggie waited months and months for her overseas lover to return but he never returned, leaving her heartbroken. It is suggested she awaits his return today. 

Maggie can get pretty amorous and will sometimes physically reach out and embrace guests, perhaps mourning the love she lost. Sometimes her spirit becomes perplexed and she throw plates and items around the restaurant area to vent frustration. This phenomena is often accompanied by the sweet floral aroma of nostalgic ladies perfume. 

Many paranormal scholars will class 'odour' or 'perfume' phenomena equally as important as EVPs and camera footage. They are sometimes referred to as 'perfume ghosts' and it is suggested these are equally important in telling a locations historical story. For example a haunted bakery may still emanate the aroma of freshly baked bread. This phenomena often provides an idea of a hauntings timestamp.

So could this scent be Maggies perfume permeating todays sensory?

Have you ever detected an unexplained aroma that you suspected may be linked with the paranormal? You become suddenly aware of a familiar aroma but seem unable to locate its origin? I know that my grandfather who passed away loved Uncle Joes Mintballs and every now and then i detect that aroma.

Ollie is a prankster spirit and staff continuously report items being mysteriously moved from one room to another, lights flickering on and off. This sort of phenomena is believed to be Ollie causing mischief.

One guest claimed back in the 1990s he was told this pranksters real name was actually Frank not Ollie, and that Frank was a favoured employee who used to work here.

However, there are also other sightings of scary flitting shadow figures which one bar worker described as 'a very unnerving thing to witness especially when you're alone closing things up late at night'.

An ex manager claimed he would go outside for a quick smoke break and when he returned all the bathroom lights would be off, the taps on full power gushing out water over spilling the sinks yet the doors were locked. Also a dark menacing figure would be seen running past one of the glass doors, setting the motion detectors off, even though he was alone.

Families and guests claim that this venue is known to hold a very sinister presence within the basement which is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young man who was murdered during the 1800s amidst a gambling disagreement.

In the past there have apparently been youngsters dealing drugs at this basement and let's just say they never returned there again due to the heavy atmospheric malevolent presence which literally drove them out.

Would you stay a night here?

Let's just hope Maggie doesn't become  too enamoured with YOUR presence.


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