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Mesa Falls | Fremont County, Idaho | Paranormal | Haunted | IdaHaunts

The Mesa Falls situated on the Snake River is a group of naturally formed waterfalls which drape magestically over ancient volcano sites. The Falls are one of nature's last landmarks which are gladly not under human control.

The Falls are said to be haunted by a young Shoshone girl who drowned in the river many years ago when she was tragically pulled under by the unrelenting water current whilst attempting to save her friend who was also drowning.

Many visitors report to seeing a spirit, dressed in white, inhabiting the lower caves, believed to be that of the young unfortunate girl who maybe still struggling to accept her premature ill fate? Many have claimed to having picked up an unexplained white mist on family photographs taken there.

Other guests have stated hearing unexplained footsteps, and an uneasy feeling that they were being watched and followed as they explored the Falls.

Some say the Falls are stunningly beautiful, others say the place is downright eery with a very negative surrounding energy and vowed never to return! 

The Mesa Falls are open to the public throughout the summer, and the nature trail is free, so why not take a trip out and see for yourself!

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