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Phenomena Blasts Original Brothel and Opium Den at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon and Rock & Roll Hotel | Albina Portland Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunted | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

The White Eagle Saloon and Rock & Roll Hotel is a McMenamins franchaise hotel restaurant and bar, located off North Russell Street in the Albina district of Portland.

This location holds a whole lot of notable history and we are excited to present it to you below.

The North end Albina district was consolidated into Portland in 1891 and was originally owned by Union Pacific Railroad Company. During the 1800s, as more European settlers entered Oregon, Albina became one of the wealthier Portland neighbourhoods.

This saloon may appear small and inconspicuous but don’t be fooled.  Stepping inside may involve taking on more than you bargained for.

The building was the original historical Polish Hryszko Brothers building which displayed the White Eagle symbol as a representation of the Polish Coat of Arms. Polish immigrants, who were also members of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, used the site as a worship venue during the early 1900s.

Today the hotel is a protected historical location and listed on the National Register of Historical Places. In 1905 two Polish immigrants, namely Barney Sobolesky and William Hryszko opened the saloon to the local community, living in a room upstairs whilst overseeing operations.

In 1938 the business was sold to the Hryszko Brothers who changed the name to Hryszko Saloon, and later Hryszko Brothers Soft Drinks Emporium. Although labelled a soft drinks company, the premises did continue to sell alcohol but this was, of course, concealed due to the prohibition ban on alcohol trade. Let’s just say if you knew the Hryszkos you knew were to go, on the downlow, for all your beverage requirements.

It is alleged that the place once ran a secret opium den where members could relax and partake in illicit gambling, drugs and sexual activity. This den ran from the basement, including an in house brothel and Shanghai business relations section.

In 1998 the McMenamins franchaise took over the establishment and is open today.

But did you know the White Eagle is known for its wide range of unexplained paranormal phenomena?

It is believed an ex security man was murdered on these premises and that his spirit aggressively haunts the premises today. Visitors have been pushed, pulled and grasped at by unseen hands believed to be his malevolent spirit.

Phantom music and ‘an air of death’ are described by those who have investigated the basement area. Prepare to experience sudden emotion and being completely overcome with feelings of sadness and regret which many have described as ‘unnerving’.

Often rooms will be swept with an impactful wave of activity, several minutes completely in the possession of the entities, who will almost ‘flash sweep’ the place.

Faucets, lights, television will turn on and off in unison, chairs and items will be thrown about, all whilst an icy blast floods the room.

It is alleged that when the place ran as a brothel, a man asked the owner if he could take one the girls to be his wife. The manager responded in a fit of rage, and killed the enquirer right there on the spot. Many report the mysterious sounds of voices, crying, desperately through the night.

The saloon was once nicknamed ‘bucket of blood’ because of all the violence and deaths which took place here.

Guests today report being awoken due to their beds being violently shaken.

You have been forewarned, these female entities may have unfinished business to attend to in the spirit world.

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