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Plas Mawr, Conwy, North Wales, Wales

Plas Mawr is a grand old historic Elizabethan townhouse situated in Conwy, North Wales with decadently furnished rooms, magnificent wood panelling and fantastic architecture with many preferring to tour these grounds instead of the local castles which speaks for itself.

Previously owned by Sir Robert Wynn and family, the house is steeped in history, tragedy and intrigue.

Robert's wife Dorothy waited for her husband to return home one evening. She had a young son, and was also pregnant at the time. As she walked down the stairs, toddler in arms, she slipped and fell, all parties succumbing to awful injury. 

A doctor was sent out to them but she feared him as she did not recognise him as the local physician. Through fear she locked him inside the house so her husband could deal with him, yet sadly Dorothy and the children died as their injuries rapidly worsened. The doctor hastily escaped via the chimney!

Robert returned to discover his dead wife and child laid pale and cold on the stone floor, and saw the evidence of the doctors escape route.

His heart would be forever broken and he swore he would find the doctor and punish him, as he blamed the doctor for his familys unfortunate ending.

Many visitors frequently report hearing voices in the house and have even seen unexplained dark shadow people casually wondering the rooms!

Many guests have ended their tour prematurely as a result of feeling nausea and unrest!

Open for guided tours, we feel this is a real historical gem to visit if ever you are on the wonderful shores of Wales.

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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