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Please Stop I Want My Mama | The Crying Children At The Fairview Training Center | Salem, Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Fairview Training Center in Salem, was the very first asylum erected in Oregon.

The hospital first opened its doors in 1908 as a The Oregon State Institution For The Feeble Minded which dealt with mental development and psychiatric issues many patients often being transferred from Oregon State Insane Asylum (now Oregon State Hospital).

During the early twenties the established oversaw a large farmstead enabling patients to cultivate a sustainable food source.

In 1933 the hospital was renamed Oregon Fairview Home and in 1965 as The Fairview Hospital And Training Center.

In order for patients release from care, it was vital all patients were sterilized. Those procedures went ahead with, or without, consent. 

Is that not the stuff of nightmares right there?

Sadly, it was not care being are administered here, but horrific abuse.

Treatments included razor straps, isolation cages, whips, boiling water infliction and quite honestly the worst abuse of power ever harnessed within the State of Salem.

And the worst part? It was not limited to adults. Children were also treated here.

The site was closed down in 2000 with the majority of the building being demolished. However there are new apartment blocks where the hospital once stood.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that Fairview is known as the most haunted location in Salem.

Can you imagine the levels of pent up energy within these walls?

Tourists often comment that this location would not look out of place in a horror movie.

Is Fairview forever haunted by the spirits of those patients so sorely mistreated here long ago?

Those patients were buried in unmarked graves behind the building.

But does anyone take heed to the warnings NOT to disturb those laid to rest in peace?

There may be shiny new apartments and ongoing renovation work here, but to those spirits, they see their original home and that is why they linger here.

Today the property operates as new apartment accommodations and many residents are reporting some truly disturbing phenomena from feelings of being watched, to pale ghostly apparitions of doctors and nurses seen shifting through walls and alarming hallucinations of blood dripping down doors.

Staff often report horrific nightmares believed induced by the spirits and guests have told of personal belongings disappearing from rooms and not just here, but also around their own personal residential homes.

Are these spirits following staff home as attachments?

The most disturbing phenomena experienced here is, unquestionably, the excruciating screams and desperate cries of little children begging ‘please stop, i want my mama’.

Can you imagine the affect that would have? 

Those who have witnessed ghostly children here report that those infants appeared as severely abused, covered in injuries, and malnourished.

Pretty traumatizing to say the least.

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