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Portal To Hell And Piercing Screams At The Superstition Mountain Range | Arizona | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

The Superstition Mountain Range was established in 1939 and is located just east of the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona. The range spans a massive 160,000 acres and is anchored by one main mountain, Superstition Mountain.

In 1848, following the Mexican/American War, this area was officially designated as wilderness.

In 1979 the Superstition Mountain Historical Society was established, a group of likeminded folks who continually strive to preserve the ranges history, and further inform and educate communities.

There is a local legend known as The Lost Dutchmans Gold Mine, but there is actually a lot of truth behind that folklore.

In the early 1800s a Mexican family who owned a secret gold mine, actually struck gold. When the word got out, it didn’t take long until they were hunted down and attacked by Apachi tribes.

However, that family would not tell the location of their secret mine, they died protecting their legacy.

People still search the secret treasures of the Superstition Mountains, and tragically many have died doing so, they lose their way, and often succumb to dehydration.

Outdoor enthusiasts, horseback riders, hikers who are brave enough to come here, all report some kind of creepy or unexplained phenomena.

Orbs, shadows, apparitions of native people are all encountered here, but perhaps the most interesting are the reports of a cave which many believe leads to another world, a supernatural realm, or portal to hell?

One group of hikers told how, as they approached the cave, they heard what they could only described as ‘otherworldly sounds’ emanating from the entrance followed by truly frightening disembodied screams, carried by the winds of time in every day dust storms.

Could this cave be a portal, a door straight to hell?

Would that explain the piercing screams so often heard here?

What do you think?

Could it be possible we are hearing tortured souls of hell through this long lost wilderness?

It has been suggested that actually, there is no hidden treasure, but it is all just a guise to entice people that little bit closer to hell.

Or is it all just 'superstition'?

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