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Sharlie the Idaho Sea Monster | McCall Idaho | Community | Fireside | Folklore | Historical | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

Did you ever dream as a child about befriending a magical sea monster? Well keep reading! Did you know that Idaho has its very own beloved sea creature!?

Scotland has Nessie the Lochness Sea Monster. Idaho is home to Sharlie the Sea Serpent!

Native American folklore suggests that this enchanting sea monster has been spotted hundreds of times, first by loggers who were working on the Payette River.

In the early 1920s a large group of over twenty individuals witnessed the sea serpent describing him as over 40ft long and humming a hypnotic and mesmerising melody.

Some refer to Sharlie as the Sea Dragon of Payette. Sharlie is said to reside in the deep waters of McCall, Idaho.

But never fear! Sharlie is known to be friendly and harmlessly enjoys making ripples and waves as he basks in the Idaho moonlight.

So next time you visit the tranquil shores of McCall keep your eyes open you might just catch a glimpse of Sharlie.

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