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Six Year Old Prankster Ghost Boy Bobby Darnall Haunts Kimo Theatre | Albuquerque New Mexico | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

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The Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque New Mexico is a treasured historical landmark. The theatre originally came from the great mind of Italian-American entrepreneur Oreste Bachachi who suggested having a theatre central to Albuquerque and set about its construction in 1927.

The Kimo is admired for its unusual architectural mix of Aztec, Pueble and finest art deco styles.

In 2011 the City commissioned an exact replica of the theatres original 1929 neon sign, the sign is 29ft high and proudly illuminates the front entrance today.

The venue is known for its reputation in excellence and wide range of entertainment. However, the Kimo is also known for something more, its continual hauntings.

Staff report there are multiple entities haunt the theatre but they are friendly and pose no threat whatsoever.

If its friendly ghosts you're after, then this is the place for you.

Ladies have described how an old woman wearing a Victorian era style bonnet lingers around the bathroom stalls offering to console and give advice to any ladies who appear upset whilst passing her by. Many visitors have actually interacted with this lady spectre unawares that she was a spirit.

Also encountered here is the ghost of a little boy called Bobby.

In 1931 six year old Bobby Darnall died when a water boiler exploded in the lobby area. His death was horrific and he suffered much. It is suggested that he actively haunts the theatre today.

In 1974 during a showing of A Christmas Carol, little Bobby actively manifested to some audience members, many speculated his spirit became excited by the extravagant seasonal production with all its festive charm and he just couldn't resist getting involved somehow.

However, Bobby can get a little too playful. He plays that many silly tricks on the living that staff now have to distract him before public audiences enter. So they leave jars of candy out to distract Bobby. This is managements attempt at keeping little Bobby entertained so that he is not tempted to approach unsuspecting audience members as they try to enjoy the show.

Every now and then Bobby gets restless and will actively interact with the living.

So if you feel or see something a little unusual, we think you'll know exactly what's going on.

Enjoy the show.

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