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Spirit Lake | Spirit Lake, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | IdaHaunts

Eerily beautiful, surrounded in dense lush forest lands and steeped in mystery is the amazing aptly named Spirit Lake in Idaho. The Lake is cherished and enjoyed greatly by the local communities.

But why is this Lake considered scary ? 

Folklore hauntingly suggests that a young couple, who were secret lovers but forbidden to ever marry, committed double suicide at this very Lake, so great was their sorrow.

Geologists state that this lake has a sealed lower floor, hence there is no substantial outlet so the lake basically keeps tight hold of all its intake, there are only two such lakes worldwide. We cant help but wonder what else might be sealed up within her dark depths.

Many believe that as a result of the Lakes enclosed bottom cavity that this is the perfect environment for spirits to become trapped inside forever. Some have dubbed it 'The Lake of Spirits'.

The tale says that a Kootenai tribe leader had a beautiful daughter  named Hya Pam which translates as 'Fearless Running Waters'. Hya Pam fell intensely in love with a Kootenai Warrior named 'Hasht Eel Ame Hoom' which translates as 'Shining Eagle'. Yet sadly Hya Pam had been promised to another man which broke her heart. As a result the two lovers met in secret and entered the spirit world together taking their own lives.

Their bodies were never to be discovered and some say that when the moon shines bright you can still see their ghostly silhouettes cross the silvery waters.

Some local hikers say they have heard agonising distant moans and cries eminating from the Lake itself. Could it be the lovers, forever trapped in the undertow.?

A beautiful scenic location with an unforgettable backstory, true? folklore? Why not take a trip out and see what you think yourself.

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