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Spirits at the White Horse Saloon | Spirit Lake, Idaho | Paranormal | IdaHaunts

If you are a fan of historic wild west themes, decadent authenticity, original wooden flooring and top notch food then head on over to The White Horse Saloon, Grill & Hotel.

This 1907 saloon is Idahos oldest eatery! This multi functional build features a restaurant, saloon and eight hotel rooms.

The White Horse is extremely popular with tourists and known as 'Idahos most paranormally active eatery'.

Over the years there have been numerous reports of guests encountering full body apparitions. The jukebox spontaneously activates, loud ghostly laughter shrieks through the bar area and shadow people are just like regulars here!

Staff do not believe the spirits to be of a sinister nature and claim their most regularly seen spirit is lovingly known as 'big girl', a previous chambermaid whose small son died whilst crossing the roads outside.

'Big girl' is often seen waiting for her son to return, but sadly he never did, so she waits and mourns.

Many have felt very real presences as they dine here, and claim to witnessing slamming doors, running footsteps, eery voices and even spirits manifesting before their very eyes!

Why not take a visit to the White Horse Saloon next time you are downtown Spirit Lake and see for yourself!

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST.COM

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