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Suicide Spectre Asks The Living "Help Me" | The 21C Museum Hotel | Kansas City, Missouri | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

The 21C Museum Hotel, in Kansas City, is a popular hotel recognised as the oldest, continuously run hotel west of the Mississippi. Today the hotel boasts 120 decadent suites, breathtaking rooftop terrace and rotating original fine art exhibits and their famous 21C Grill. 

The hotel first opened as The Kansas Savoy in 1888 under ownership of Arbuckle Coffee entrepreneurs.

The Savoy hosted hundreds of famous guest iIncluding President Ronald Regan, Warren Harding, Gerald Ford and Harry Truman who would regularly enjoy his lunch break here.

In 1965 a lady named Dawn Lee purchased the property and in 1974 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

In 1995 the hotel underwent extensive renovations and in 2016 was renamed as The 21C Museum Hotel. 

But did you know this hotel is widely renowned for its continual creepy phenomena, so much so that many staff members have quit their jobs.

Staff and workmen report audible footsteps running down empty corridors, faucets and showers spontaneously activating and items seen visibly levitating mid air.

During the late 1800s a lady name Betsy Ward committed suicide in a bathtub in room 505 and those who have braved room 505 claim to have witnessed Betsys full spectrum apparition, drenched in blood, reaching her hands out to the living asking 'help me'.

In 1990 a staff member was fatally stabbed up on the second floor. Guests today describe feeling as if they are being followed, upon turning, many encounter the ghost of a little girl, in Victorian era dress, playfully chasing the living along hallways.

Could this little spirit girl be responsible for the ongoing elevator malfunctions continually reported on this very corridor? She does present herself as being mischievous.

Fred Lightner was a cherished and regular guest who once lived up on a fourth floor apartment, a friendly cheerful man. Paranormal investigators have stated that if you call out to Fred, he will readily respond and has been captured by way of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recording.

It seems there are some guests who may never ever check out of the 21C Museum Hotel. Right? What do you think?

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