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Originally known as Market Lake, the town of Roberts is one of Eastern Idahos oldest locations established in 1864. Used mainly as a railroad connector route.  

Did you know that the Old Roberts Hotel (also called B Js Bayou) is reportedly haunted by supernatural spirits! This building is no stranger to paranormal activity.

The hotel owners BJ and Cheryl Berlin bought this wonderfully historical, two floor 'U' shaped, hotel in the early 1990s and set about its renovation.

Mrs Berlin believes that over fifteen spirits reside here. The building was originally known as the Patrie Hotel and even survived the 1976 Teton floods. The Berlins state that many of these spirits are 'reoccurring ghosts'. Some appear to be cowboys, some women and children who are seen harmlessly playing here.

There is also the spirit of an Asian man believed to be an old worker here who was killed by cowboys and thrown into a trunk which they dragged onto an outgoing train. The sound of the trunk being dragged down the stairs can still be heard today.

Also seen is the apparition of a sultry brunette woman wearing a beautiful green dress who propositions men as they leave the bathroom. Some have witnessed the ghost of a civil war soldier waking around as if on lookout.

The hotel offers magnificent Cajun culinary dishes and hosts live music events. So why not pay the Old Roberts Hotel and BJs Bayou a visit next time you are in the Roberts area.

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