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Cerro Gordo town in Lonepine, California, is known for the historical Owens Valley silver strike. 

Between 1865 and 1935 Cerro Gordo mines generated over $17 million.

This once flourishing mining town began from some truly primitive roots which started with a humble handful of tools, a small trade in high grade zinc and a wagon carrying silver.

In 1916 the town said farewell to its steampowered locomotives and welcomed their very first electrically powered railway lines.

Over time the town of Cerro Gordo became lawless, with ensuing violence, shoot outs, murders and general deterioration of the community.

An unfortunate group of prospectors were seized in their tracks and murdered right here along with many Chinese laborers.

During June 2020 the local Icehouse Hotel was destroyed by fire and many to this day firmly believe those incidents were started by silent, yet deadly, supernatural forces.

Sadly, as the years passed, the town began to resemble nothing more than a ghost town.

However, two entrepreneurs namely Brent Underwood and John Beer purchased all 336 acres of the land in attempts to preserve its expanse, implementing substantial repair and refurbishment.

These mysterious valleys are renowned for sightings of unexplained roaming apparitions and previous paranormal investigations have revealed chilling EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) extreme temperature fluctuation and disembodied crying.

Are those old prospectors laying claim to their silver today?

Inhabitants all across the town of Cerro Gordo today report hearing phantom gunshots and encountering full spectrum apparitions wearing native clothing.

Other phenomena witnessed here is the creepy sounds of old timey music emanating the air with no discernible source.

Cerro Gordo is today a privately owned town with access granted only by special permissions.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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