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"Thank you so much for making the interview a reality. I can’t really express how much stress this organization has relieved. When I reached out in the very beginning, I was expecting to be put on hold for days or weeks. The other fear was that I would not be taken seriously because this is a school project. Both of these fears were resolved very quickly by the fast and warm emails sent by your organization. I would like to thank Angela because she was very easy to talk to and did not make me feel like a bother. All the questions that I was wondering about, she answered clearly and I am very grateful for that. I would also like to add that your free of charge investigations brought a really big impact. I was worried that some organizations would try to take advantage of people with hauntings, but you are not one of those groups. I do regret that I was not more organized, and am thankful for your consideration and willing to help me out. I hope that your organization keeps on doing well in the future. Thank you so much"

Noah Y

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