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It's Halloween. Grab the family, light the fire and get cosy. It's time for our fireside tales.

In 1817 in Adams, Tennesee, the Bell family were tormented by a malevolent spirit. The spirit was believed to be that of Kate Batts and she sought spiritual siege upon the family and was blamed for one of their deaths!

Primarily the family noticed alot of strange phenomena around their home, doors banging shut, voices, things being moved but things quickly escalated and their daughter Elizabeth was pulled from her bed with visible scratches on her. John Bell the father of Elizabeth desperately looked for help.  Friends formed a committee who dug deep into the history surrounding the area and soon the spirit would actually identify itself as 'the witch Kate Batts'. Kate had been a neighbour who John Bell had experienced bad business dealings with when she was alive, they had argued over purchased slaves. 

Now the witch was seeking revenge and was seen all over the county wreaking havoc. The spirit was persistent and continued to haunt John wherever he went and as a result he fell extremely ill and died as a result of trauma. At his funeral it is said people heard the bell witchs cackling laugh as they lowered him into the ground.

Even after a death Kate Batts the witch went on to torment Johns wife Betsy.  Near a local farm is the Bell Witch cave and it said the witch resides there to this day. 

These events inspired the much loved Blair Witch movies which might be perfect Halloween viewing!

Are you brave enough to visit the caves? 

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