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The Black Eyed Children of Idaho | History | Paranormal | IdaHaunts

Legend claims that the black eyed children are really bloodthirsty, vengeance seeking demons disguised as innocent children preying on unsuspecting victims.

Children who beg and plead for you to 'help them', 'let them in', to 'go with them', all from an unbroken, deathly, blackened stare.

Folklore has it that black eyed children usually are in the form of children aged 6 to 16, with many believing they are demons, vampires, alien species. Wherever people interact with black eyed children, disaster follows.

The stuff of nightmares, could it be real or is it just campfire fodder?

We found some claims that may just make you think twice!

One couple were driving home one dark night after a birthday celebration with friends and noticed four small children walking along the sidewalk. It was alarming because of the late hour.

As the car stopped at the crossing the children approached the vehicle! To the couples horror they watched as one of the children tapped on the passenger side window and ask


Another child shouted


The couple were horrified to see that the children had completely blackened eyes. For a moment they wondered could it be a trick or contact lenses?

The couple have no recollection of what took place after that. All they were aware of is that their car had been mysteriously moved to a completely different part of the highway, and the children had disappeared. It was almost as if a timelapse or a blackout had occurred.

There were reports of another couple who were hiking and mysteriously never returned, no bodies were ever found but locals report that there have been a multitude of sightings of these black eyed entities in the surrounding woods over the years.

Black eyed children have even been known to approach residential houses and knock on doors asking to use the bathroom or for a drink of water.

Yet their agenda is anything BUT innocent, and upon being accepted they seek to bring devastation, bad will and evil.

People who have spotted the children around their area almost always claim to having had severe electrical disturbances within the home.

So if you ever encounter the black eyed children, remember not to be fooled! And find your escape route quickly!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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