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The Black Phantom Dog at Formby Sands, Formby, United Kingdom

Growing up as young children my parents would often take us to visit the beautiful sand dunes of Formby Sands. We spent many summer days here frolicking on the beach and enjoying magical twilight dusk barbeques, completely oblivious to the local tales of course. 

I often wonder if my parents were aware of the stories about a phantom black hound that supposedly haunted the dunes? However I am grateful I had no knowledge at such a tender age.

So what exactly is the story?

Formby has alot of history, mainly used as farmlands as far back thousands of years ago. There have been rumours of archeological digs and in 1999 Gordon Robert's discovered bone fragments and footprints from extremely large 'wolves'.

Could these wolves be the black dogs so many witness even today? Maybe these are the very same ancient wolves, now refusing to abscond their territory? 

The locals state that multiple visitors have reported seeing a lost dog running the beach yet leaving no visible paw prints!

It has been said the dog is known as 'Old Trash' and has menacing red glowing eyes which project ill fate and curse on anyone who gazes into them!

Many journalists have actually stood in front of the dog and captured clear images on camera only to discover that the dog is of the supernatural realm!

Black ghost dogs are often called 'shucks' which many say are really demons, and seeing such things is often associated with negativity and omen, say for instance if you witness a shock, something bad will befall you like a family member passing away etc.

Shucks are always found near beachy areas, water, lakes, forest and the like.

One thing is for certain, many who encounter the 'Old Trash' say it truly was a surreal and terrifying experience.

Dare you talk a stroll along Formby Sands if ever you visit England?

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