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The Bulgarian Monk | Yankee Fork State Park | Challis Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

Yankee Fork State Park is a fantastic historical site nestled amongst the lush mountains and streams of central Idaho, filled with trails and Americana artefacts and canyons just waiting to be explored.

With a rich mining and archeological history the park attracts continual global interest. One such piece of historical fascination is the old Yankee Fork Gold Dredge which is one of the best preserved dredges worldwide.

In 1939 New York based company Silas Mason chose the Challis valley area as the recipient of their gold dredge in order to pursue gold dredging and investment.

It is believed that in the 1800s a  Bulgarian monk lived in the area until he sadly died by way of drowning in a river whilst playing with some of the local families and children.

However he has been described as a friendly community member who would take time to interact by way of hosting lectures. 

There have been many sightings of a dark ghostly monk who slowly walks along the rivers edge at night holding a lantern.

So whether you are wanting to explore local history or interested in taking your chances on witnessing something paranormal, Challis has it all.

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