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The Sutro Baths in the Richmond district of Western San Francisco, California, are what remain of a large salt water swimming facility which first opened in 1896 owned by Adolph Sutro, a self made millionaire.

These baths were once the largest swimming establishment in the world.

Sadly the venue struggled with financial balance and in the early 1930s was converted into an ice rink and later used as luxury apartments.

Today this site is owned by the Golden Gate National Recreation Centre.

However, it is said the site was once used as a meeting place by the Church of Satan who would hold satanic rituals and occult ceremonies here.

Could this explain why visitors today experience the sudden onset of nausea, hear unexplained screaming sounds and sense non human presences here?

Let’s just hope those screams are residual in nature and not happening in real time.

Deep gutteral growlings and sightings of dark occult ritual artefacts, piles of stones, sticks and even bones have been discovered in the surrounding forests.

There are disturbing theories that demons don’t just linger here, but have full control of this location. It is said if you light a candle in the underground tunnel here, demons will manifest before your very eyes.

Staff describe the place as being extremely creepy and, in the early morning, will often discover that all the lights have been switched back on. The very same lights they themselves switch off every evening upon leaving, and locking, the premises.

Could this be the work of the dark forces conjured up during occult ceremonies held nearby?

Because if this is true, one must proceed with great caution as these entities would be classified as DEMONIC and demons NEVER have good intentions.

Demons are sometimes known to manifest as young children, of course this a trick in an attempt to gain your trust and interaction.

But remember, even Satan was an angel of light.

Don’t be fooled and most certainly NEVER interact.

I would love to discuss the topic of DEMONS in more depth.

What do our readers know about demons?

Are demons real? What do you think?

I know what i think.

Have you ever experienced something you would consider DEMONIC?

Was this experience resultant from Ouija board activity?

Because if you have I would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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