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The Dark Mermaid And Horned Creature Of Lake Coeur D'Alene | Couer D'Alene, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

With Halloween fast approaching we thought our local communities might be interested in some local haunted Idaho hotspots!

Our IdaHaunts section has you covered!

For many years native Indian tribes told how many water mysteries inhabit this very lake. 

Hauntings don’t always appear as ghosts, they can manifest as mysterious supernatural creatures.

Lake C’oeur D’Alene in Idaho is allegedly haunted by two such entities.

The first is that of a half fish half woman entity many have called Fish Woman.

Where did this Dark Mermaid originate and why is she here?

All we know is that she has been spotted on multiple occasions, sitting a large rock, gazing out across the lake.

Is this entity somehow monitoring the living as they walk the shores?

Also encountered here are creepy disembodied voices, unexplainable footsteps and the sensation that something significant is about to take place.

Locals have described mysterious mists, light anomalies and sudden powerful gusts of wind surround the lake at night like some sort of otherworldly whirlwind.

Boaters have described glimpsing a horrific horned creature which actively attempts to overthrow boats in the water.

Myth? Folklore? Paranormal?

What do you think?

Drop a comment below if you think we should all grab our flashlights and go find out together.

For anyone interesting in reading more about local Idaho hauntings, please hit our Haunted Idaho book link below.

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