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The Eighth Gateway to Hell at Quaker Cemetery | Leicester Massachusetts | Paranormal | Haunted | America

Quaker Cemetery in Leicester, Massachusetts, is believed to be haunted and is known as 'The Eighth Gateway to Hell'. Some may know it as 'Spiders Gate' due to the intricately web like designed wrought iron entrance gates.  One of these gates was stolen but swiftly replaced by an exact replica by the owners.

In 1732 locals petitioned to hold their very own Quaker congregation services here. The petition was passed with the erection of a small wooden community meeting house ensuing.  But it wasn't only burials that were held here, rituals, incantations, chanting and ceremonies also took place. Some believe the spirit world was disturbed which invoked some truly malevolent forces entry here. The land proved to be anything but peaceful!

Paranormal phenomena experienced here includes sinister growling sounds, shadow figures, the apparition of a little boy with a noose around his neck hanging from a nearby trees. Others have reported icy cold spots and an unexplained entity which moves with an unnaturally fast speed believed to be a demon. It is said that if you set foot here after dark your soul shall be condemned to a cursed afterlife. 

This land is privately owned, heavily secured. This property is NOT accessible for investigation purposes. But then again, would you want to risk being condemned to the Eighth Gateway to Hell ?

Walking Through The Gates of Hell | The Modern GladiatorNEW ENGLAND FOLKLORE: Spider Gates Cemetery: Portals to Hell and College  Kids in Robes


Photographs sourced at themoderngladiator | newenglandfolklore

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