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The Ghost Of Dinah Haunts Department Of Communication Building At Boise State University | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

The Department of Communication building housed within The Boise State University was built in 1942 and originally was the Student Union building. It was here they would host club meetings, galas and dances.

But did you know this building is allegedly haunted by multiple entities including the resident ghost of Dinah, a young lady who allegedly died here?

There have been hundreds of reports of faculty and visitors sighting unexplained phenomena such as full spectrum apparitions walking hallways and dark mass shadow figures roaming the upper level bathroom stalls and stairwells.

This phenomena can be pretty unnerving to witness and those who have encountered it describe feeling physically shaken and psychologically disturbed by it.

There have even been national televised news reports of paranormal investigators who set up infrared cameras which documented active paranormal activity within this building as well as extremely high level electromagnetic field readings (EMFs).

During the 1950 there was a dance held here and a young lady named Dinah was scheduled to attend a dance at the hall. Her boyfriend cancelled the date. Dinah was upset but decided to go ahead alone to the dance.

Upon her arrival she spotted her boyfriend dancing with another girl. Dinah ran out of the room and was seen crying in one of the stairwells. She then went into one of the bathrooms and went upstairs and hung herself.

Ever since this incident people have felt eerie presences around the campus.

Could this phenomena be the spirit of Dinah residually haunting the halls today?

A sense of being watched, sudden sensations of nausea and anxiety, feeling as though ones skin is crawling are all phenomena experienced here. Such symptoms are often linked with the above mentioned extremely high EMF readings.

Students have stated hearing piercing screams emanating from empty rooms at night and watched as objects move across tables unaided.

One night a teacher was working late here and claims she witnessed writing appear on a chalkboard before her very eyes.

Another staff member asked the presence to identify itself and called out ‘who are you?’ and at that very moment the music room piano began playing the well known John Denver song ‘Dinah Wont You Blow’.

Is Dinah reaching out across the realms to the living today?

Do you know anyone who attends Boise State University?

Have they ever experienced anything paranormal?

Please let us know in the comment section below.

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