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The Ghosts at Diamond Lils Steakhouse Saloon | Idaho | Historical | Paranormal | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

The Diamond Lil's Steakhouse & Saloon in Idaho is believed, by its owners, to be haunted!

Many guests have even witnessed the ghostly apparition whilst dining here!

Owners sincerely believe that a dear friend of theirs, Christopher Smith who sadly died, haunts the establishment.

Smith himself, when alive, was a regular here at the saloon and owners Ric and Holly Call believe he truly wishes to remain here even now.

There have been occasional unexplained events such as glasses spontaneously moving across the bar.

Owner Ric claims he saw Smiths spirit one night wearing a cowboy hat and duster!

Many believe the building may also be occupied with past spirits of old miners.

One of Smiths favourite things was being served a clean ashtray with favourite tipple so one evening owner Holly left an ashtray with a shot at his favourite table. Next morning the shot glass was empty and there was visible cigarette ash in the ashtray!

The place has alot of history, top notch food and a warm welcome awaits you! Why not pay Diamond Lil's a visit and let us know if you sense anything paranormal.

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